Job searching - the highs and lows

Hi lovelies, so I put a poll on Twitter and Instagram asking if you'd be interested in reading about my job searching journey over the last few months. So many of you said yes which shocked me, because it's one of those things you never know people are going through as they tend to keep it quiet, especially if they are currently in employment. So here I am, Sunday morning in bed with a coffee (you may want to grab one this could be long) about to start from the beginning.

You probably already know this as I've posted it on every form of social media, but after what feels like a lifetime I have finally been offered a new job in something I feel very passionate about. I will speak more about this below but just know after all the stress and disappointment there is always a silver lining and sometimes you just have to be patient and wait for it. What's meant to be will always find you.

So back to the very start, after leaving uni I pretty much walked straight into the job I am in now (for obvious reasons I'm not going to mention any company names) and have been there for over 2 years. This is my first, adult, full time job and it came to me so easy. I already had some part time experience helping at weekends with them so when I saw they had a full time position available and me being in the situation I was after leaving uni I applied. I had an interview 2 days later, a trial the following week and offered the job at the end of that. So all in all 10 days between applying and being hired. It was the only job I'd applied for and to me, getting a job seemed so simple.

I love the people I work with, the girls in the office have become some of my closest friends, but sometimes that's not enough. I always knew this job wasn't going to be a forever thing for me, I need something exciting, something different on a daily basis and something that challenges my creative side. There's been many times over the past 2 years that I've thought about leaving, I actually interviewed and got job offered back last summer which I turned down deciding it wasn't the right time to be leaving. It wasn't until early part of this year I decided that was it, I wanted to move on to something more suited for me.

I was definitely indecisive about what I wanted to do! For a few months I was sure I wanted to move to Dubai and work there, I had an interview back in May for a job which I ended up also turning down. Now I know it sounds like it's me being picky, that's 2 jobs I've been offered which I've declined but I promise you behind those are 100's of applications that I never heard back from. And I promise I'm not ungrateful, I know there are many people who are unemployed that would do any form of job but to me, currently being in a job which I just don't enjoy anymore; I wanted the next one to be a career step, something I truly loved and could see myself working in for years. And I can't stress to you enough the importance of taking a job because you know it will make you truly happy and not just because it's easy.

So after the Dubai phase, I started thinking about what it was I truly loved. What I could see myself doing for years to come. What was my dream job? And it always came back to my blog, to social media. I spent a little bit of time researching jobs around the internet sector and actually decided to self fund a diploma in Digital Marketing to expand my knowledge and give me a step towards what I wanted to do. I started the course early July, it was online which I had to do at my own pace along side working full time. I was told to put the course on my CV and start applying for jobs.

Although me wanting a new job stemmed earlier in the year, I would say it wasn't until July that I properly started applying for jobs. And when I say applying, I mean easily 30-40 jobs every month. And it's tiring, it's time consuming and it is so disheartening never hearing back from anyone. And if I did hear back all it would be is 'you don't meet the experience criteria' - this in itself is a ridiculous circle. It is almost impossible to have the required experience because not many people want to take you on without it.

In August I got my first interview, it was a step towards where I wanted to be but still very much an admin based role, but however it was for a fashion company so definitely more suited to me. I will always research a company before an interview and prepare for anything I could be asked so I felt it went well, I walked out feeling very positive and was told I could expect to hear back within a week. 2 weeks passed, and nothing. I'd emailed the company asking for feedback or if there was any further information with regards to my applications. 3 weeks after my interview I got an email advising they had chosen someone else. Disappointing yes, but I understand not everyone is going to love you and you have to find the right company that do and can see what potential you have.

I'd been contacting companies directly and also emailing recruitment companies for help. I finally heard back from a recruitment company who wanted to meet with me to get more of an understanding of how they could assist me. I met with a lovely lady who said she had the perfect job in mind for me and set me up and interview. As always a lot of preparation went into it, this was a job I was really excited for and thought would be great for me. I left the interview feeling very positive and convinced I'd done a good job and impressed them. But yet again, I never heard anything more despite calling and emailing to get feedback.

On the same day I met with the recruiter I had also been invited for an interview at a marketing company. Now interview is not the right word, more of a CV screening, where I met with the MD, briefly discussed my strengths/weaknesses and he sold the idea of the job to me. Now I don't want to be unprofessional and bad mouth a company, but I have never been so angry and upset at the outcome and the way I'd been treated in an interview. That night, I received an email from the MD inviting me back for an 'all day assessment' where I would be in their work environment so they could get an understanding of my work ethic. This to me was explained as being in the office overseeing campaigns in action and getting a chance to ask questions about the role. I won't go into great deal over this as there is SO much that happened it would make this post even longer. But in a nutshell, they put me on a train to a town I had never been to, and tried to get me to 'door to door' sell around a council estate for the day. The alarm bells should of rang when they made me sign a disclosure at the start of the day. Needless to say, I thanked them and walked out.

By this point I was exhausted with trying, my job getting worse and ultimately me being even more unhappy where I was. I was getting home from work moody and irritable and very upset. Now I'll take this chance to thank absolutely everybody who supported me through these few months, especially my amazing boyfriend, Nick, who reminded me everyday how amazing I was and the right company would come along and see that. And guess what, he was right!

After what felt like forever and many fails I decided I had to take a different approach, I thought about maybe interning for a month or so to get the right experience. Now I understand sometimes you have to take a step back to where you wanted to be, but for me I have monthly outgoings so taking an unpaid internship with no guarantee of a job was a huge risk but if it got me where I wanted to be it would be worth a few months of struggle. I started applying for internships and heard back from 2 pretty quickly, I had set up a phone interview with one and breakfast meeting with another. Low and behold, if you didn't already guess; I was told 'I didn't have the right EXPERIENCE for an INTERNSHIP!' - is that not the whole point of internships to get the bloody experience in the first place. And the second one cancelled on me the night before.

I was fed up, miserable and felt like I was getting no where. Like I would never be good enough to leave my current job. I found myself on the phone to Nick one morning so upset over my current job and how I felt I was being treated. Now I'm a trooper, I will do absolutely everything I can to help people and to help my current company. I was working overtime for free, taking Nick in with me at weekends so I could help, and getting nothing back in return. They wouldn't even give me a day off as a thank you. I just couldn't do it anymore. So I took the biggest risk I ever have, and handed my notice in, with no job to fall back on. But in my head, no job and no amount of money is worth being so upset over and for me it was what I had to do.

Now as stupid as it sounds, I put my faith in the universe, if something was meant for me, it would now find me. And it did. 3 days after handing my notice in, I had a second interview and got offered a job. A job that is perfect for me, with a company that saw my potential and liked me, even without the experience. I kid you not, when they offered me the job I cried, I was so overwhelmed with happiness and relief that I could do it, and I had done it. So as of January, I will be an Account Executive with a Marketing agency and I will be starting my new career. In a weird way I'm happy everything previous to this job failed, because I know I am going to be truly happy and love every moment of this job.

I don't say this lightly, I have has a shit few months on the job front. I have thought about giving up, thought I wasn't good enough and not even known what to feel anymore. But I promise you, each and everyone of you. You can do whatever you want. Stay patient, trust your journey. The world is your oyster, go get what you deserve!

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