Luxury Skincare Wishlist

As important as skincare is to me, sadly I don't have £1000's to spend on the most luxurious products on the market. However that being said, a girl can dream. And frankly if I was spending crazy amounts on skincare I would probably expect to wake up looking like a VS model, and the chances of that are slim to none. But if the bank was bottomless, these would be my top 3 must haves.

Facial Enhancer - £199
So thankfully at the youthful age of 22, I have no wrinkles (yet), but I strongly believe the best antidote is prevention. The earlier you start to look after your skin and ward off wrinkles, the longer your skin will be glowing and supple. With the Panasonic 3-in-1 Micro Current facial enhancer you can do exactly that. This hero product, uses sonic vibrations along with a warm-cool technology which help stimulate the ions in the skin. Without getting too technical, the heat of the enhancer alternates the positive and negative ions and extracts up to 60%* more dirt and grease from your pores.

Just how the enhancer extracts deeper, it also means it penetrates deeper. Meaning your cleanser, toner and moisturiser all get absorbed up to 40%* further than applying with just your fingers. Hydration is such an important part to skin care, when you a dehydrated, your skin will show it. So surprise surprise, when your hydrated your skin will also show it. I massively struggle to drink enough water a day, I'm typically not ever thirsty. So a product that can help my skin look hydrated is perfect to me! - Read website reviews here.

Renewal Oil - £170
As I mentioned above, I love my skin to look hydrated and dewy. Which is why I use a facial oil daily under my make-up. I find it allows my makeup to apply better and gives my skin a natural glow all day without looking greasy. The La Mer Renewal Facial Oil is suitable for all skin types, and all dry body areas. The soothing and aromatic oil enriches the skin and gives you the look of vitality. This product also helps to combat wrinkles and softens the appearance of any lines and firms the skins texture. I can only imagine the dewy glow of using this product along side the Facial Enhancer.

Night & Day Eye Cream - £75
What's better to match glowy skin than fresh eyes. We are all human, we all have restless nights and we all suffer with dark circles and eye bags. A powerful eye cream like the Origins 3 Part Harmony Duo can act like a decent nights sleep in the pots. The lightweight day cream is oil-free (good if you're already applying that facial oil) with lily extract and bright eye extract which can provide a lifted and brightened look that helps make-up stay put. The night cream is rich with cactus extracts that help with the oh-most-important thing, hydration, as you sleep.

So there it is, my 3 high-end skin care products which I hope one day will be in my collection. What are your luxury beauty must haves?

(This post is sponsored by Panasonic) *Stats taken from Panasonic's website.*

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