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So I know I'm not the only one who begrudges paying £50+ on a bottle of perfume for myself. I normally wait for my Birthday or Christmas and ask for one as a present. Or sometimes treat myself when I'm in duty free to save a few £££. But the perfumes I'm about to share with you both retail at under £25 a bottle. Now that is something I would happily pay for a nice fragrance. 

I was recently contacted by Sparkle PR and asked to review the two fragrances from Monsoon and Accessorize and me being me (anything beauty fanatic) of course was very grateful to accept the opportunity. I received both perfumes about 2 weeks ago but wanted to use them both for a period of time to allow myself to review honestly after testing them out fairly. 

Up first is Monsoon Rose Gold Perfume which retails at £24 for a 30ml bottle. The website describes it as a sophisticated scent with juicy tops notes of citrus, rich floral heart notes and decadent woods which combine to create a feminine and sensual scent. Now I am awful at describing scents but the smells which stand out the most to me are musky vanilla and velvety rose. 

To be completely honest with you when I first smelt Rose Gold I wasn't immediately drawn to it. I thought the scent was a bit mature for me and quite different to the usual scents I go for. However I wanted to give it a chance so I could review it honestly for you guys so gave myself a good spray and went about my business. It was actually my boyfriend Nick who said how much he liked the smell of this one even though I had told him I wasn't too keen on it. Now I'm sure it's not just me but when your OH tells you they like something on you, you like it and tend to wear it more. Which is exactly what I did. The more I wore this, the more I loved it and it is now my go to perfume on the cooler mornings as I feel like its the perfect transition fragrance.

The second fragrance I was kindly sent was Accessorize Love Lily which retails at £19 for 75ml. From the get go this was much more my style. I love fresh and vibrant fragrance which lingers all day and that is exactly what this is. The website describe it as the ultimate feminine fragrance. The scent opens with top notes of juicy raspberry and orange, invigorated with a zesty accord of Bergamot. The undertones are lily of the valley and sweet vanilla. 

This to me is the perfect summer fragrance, definitely one I would take on holiday. And can we just talk about the value of this product.. under £20 for 75ml?! That is incredible for a perfume of this quality. I'm going to make a conscious effort to reach for this one while we still have the warmer weather as it's not one I would personally carry on wearing into winter. 

Both the designs and quality of the packaging of the products are well thought out and very feminine. The Love Lily bottle has a blossoming flower on the lid with the bright core going through the center of the bottle, a young, vibrant design. Whereas the bottle for Rose Gold is much simpler which shouts class and sophistication. 

I am so grateful I have been gifted and had the chance to review these 2 beautiful fragrances for you guys, If you are in the market for an everyday perfume or gift to a lady in your life definitely think about picking these little gems up! Hope you enjoyed reading about them and if you're near a store pop in and give them a smell and let me know what you think.

Lots of love as always xxx

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