Autumn hair care with John Frieda

My fellow blondes, you all know the struggle of keeping your hair looking fresh between hair appointments. When your roots are grown out, the ashy tone fades and you're left with the brassy golden tones which I personally do not want. I'm going to talk you through my top ways to maintain your blonde locks and how to keep it looking sleek and smooth as we transition into the colder months. 

My first and absolute favourite product to use between colouring is a silver shampoo. It helps keep the brassiness at bay while you wait for that overdue recolour. I have tried pretty much every purple toner on the market and have 2 favourites which I will always rebuy. The first, an everyday shampoo is the Pro Voke Touch of silver brightening shampoo. And secondly, for a more intense weekly toner I use the Bleach London Silver Shampoo.

Almost everyone suffers with dry hair, especially us girls who use bleach, so my hair always looks fluffy and has lots of fly-aways. It is the bain of my life in photos when it looks like the top layer of my hair is recovering from a static attack. I was recently contacted to review the John Frieda Frizz Ease collection. Now I wouldn't necessarily class my hair as frizzy but did think it would help with the issues I mentioned above so jumped at the opportunity to get that sleek, salon fresh look we all dream of daily.

I've been using these products for roughly 2 weeks and they've been the only shampoo and conditioner I have been using (apart from silver shampoo once a week) just so I could get a truly honest opinion and see if and what difference it's made to my hair. So John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth range claims 'this revolutionary Shampoo and Conditioner deeply penetrates hair fibres to help combat the porosity of frizzy hair, and builds an internal barrier to build frizz immunity with every use.'

So what are my thoughts? Firstly, this range makes my hair smell amazing. One of the ingredients is coconut oil so it gives that fresh salon smell, even one of the girls I work with has been commenting that my hair smells lovely and clean. 

Secondly, does it do what is claims to? So as I said I don't have frizzy hair in general but it has most definitely kept it softer and sleeker and prevented all the fly-away hairs I'm so used to having. With the amount of bleach and heat I use on my hair it can often look dry but this duo have kept the ends of my hair softer and in general smoother, even between washes. 

Lastly, would I purchase and recommend the John Frieda Frizz Ease range? Absolutely! I think the impact it has had on my hair maintaining and improving the small amount of frizz I have to deal with is worth it. I can only imagine the amazing benefits this product could have on someone who really does deal with frizzy hair on a daily basis. Even if you personally don't need it for frizz, I would suggest anyone with coloured, dry hair could benefit from the products in this range. 

Let me know if you try these products and what your favourite hair care products are as we head into winter?

Lots of love as always..

*products have been supplied for review purposes, all opinions are my own*

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