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You know that amazing feeling when you find a product that you just fall head over heels in love with? It doesn't happen often but when it does, it's like the skies open up and the heavens sing to you (well maybe that's a bit extreme).. but it's definitely a good day when it happens. Below, are some of my all time favourite products that I would recommend 100 times over. 

Kiko Creamy Colour Lip Liner - I am a sucker for lip liners, they are probably my most favourite lip product ever. You can use them to define your lip shape or completely colour in your lip. These ones from Kiko are my go to in my collection. They glide on smoothly, are really creamy and the colour pay off is insane. I remember hearing from Sarah Ashcroft that a lot of lip liners are made in the same factory and just labelled up differently by the brands. For this reason, I'll never splurge on a high end lip liner again. These little beauties retail for £5.90 which is an absolute bargain and are by far better than the MAC pencils (IMO). From top to bottom: 306 Tangerine, 308 Geranium, 309 Coral Pink, 301 Nude and 316 Milk Chocolate. There are 16 colours in the collection and I WILL own them all eventually.

Lily-Flame Candles - So technically these aren't products as such, but to any candle lover like myself they are an absolute must have. I first came across these candles when I was in Leeds with my mum before moving to university, and since then they very quickly became the go to candle in my house. Everyone I have introduced to them has loved them almost as much as me! The candles retail at £8.95 and have a burn time for 30-35 hours. My favourite are these little tins but they also come in jars and as reed diffusers. The scents they have vary from freshly cut grass, to chocolate truffle to all the fruits you can imagine and everything in between. These candles make the perfect little gift to someone and even have one called 'Happy Birthday'.

Hibi Scrub - So this is a product I hardly hear being mentioned when talking about skin care. Hibi Scrub is basically an antiseptic scrub that is mainly used in hospitals to cleanse skin. I was recommended this product by the doctors when I had folliculitis (an infection of the hair follicles which causes irritation and spots, sorry for TMI). Although it's called scrub, it is a very runny soap which I use in the shower if I'm having any skin problems i.e. breakouts or shaving irritation. Hibi Scrub is quite drying on the skin but I find it the quickest way to reduce redness or spots. It is mild enough to use on your face as long as you avoid contact with your eyes as well as anywhere else on your body. It retails at only £5.50 and a bottle tends to last around 6 weeks depending on my skin. It is also bright pink which is an absolute bonus.

Garnier Micellar Water - So if you follow me on twitter or snapchat (both @andreainglisx) you will know how much I love this stuff. I've used a fair few micellar waters before but I always, without a doubt came back to the Garnier one. The 400ml bottle is huge and lasts absolutely ages. The micellar water is gentle enough to use on your eyes but good enough to remove any traces of makeup. I don't like using face wipes as they tend to irritate my eyes and I'm put off by not knowing what is in them. Every night I soak a cotton wool pad in this and cleanse my skin to remove that days makeup. The retail price is £4.99 but boots normally have an offer on garnier micellar waters. They also have a mini 125ml size which is perfect for travelling. 

Touch Of Silver Brightening Shampoo - All my fellow blondies out there understand the struggle of yellow brassy tones creeping back when you're due a colour! It is the bain of being blonde. This purple shampoo eliminates any yellow that comes through in between hair appointments. I apply it to wet hair and leave it for around 5 minutes which gives me an ashy blonde tone. The violet pigment counteracts any gold tones, and the longer you leave it, the more of a silver/purple colour you will get. This should belong in the shower of anyone with blonde highlights, it saves me a fortune at only £3.19 for 150ml!

Dry Shampoo - Majority of the time I wash my hair everyday, although I know this isn't good for you, my hair gets greasy quite quick. I used to hate using dry shampoo, it makes your hair feel chalky and stiff (which is great for texture but not everyday!). This is the boots own one in 'Paradise Island' which not only smells amazing, also works amazing without leaving the dry rough feel in your hair. This retails at £1.50 which is a lot cheaper than other brands, but works exactly the same, if not better for my hair. 

Nouveau False Lashes - As you will have all seen in the past, I am fortunate enough to work with Nouveau Lashes from time to time. When I first became part of their #lashgang I was kindly sent some lashes to try out. If I don't have lash extentions on, these are my go to for a night out. There are 12 styles to choose from and retail at £4.95 a pair (cheaper than most lash brands in Boots). The best thing about these is how well they last, I think I have managed to re-wear a pair at least 5 times. They are waterproof and come with adhesive which is hands down the best eyelash glue I've ever used.

Estee Lauder Double Wear - The holy grail of all foundations. This foundation is raved about on a daily bases in the beauty world. It is a must have for anyone who is looking for a long lasting, high coverage foundation. My skin is classed as 'normal' so it works wonders for me, however I've heard if you suffer from dry skin it isn't great as it can cling to dry patches, but I can't vouch for that comment. The best thing with double wear is, a little goes a long way! I use a small amount with a damp beauty blender and it gives the most flawless base. Everyone I have recommended this too has been pleasantly surprised by it as you think it would be quite cakey as it is a heavy/full coverage but does not look like that on your skin. The foundation retails at £31 for 30ml which seems expensive, but for how much wear you get from it, it is definitely worth it. (I wear shade Ivory Beige for reference).

Collection Last Perfection Concealer -  I have used this concealer for as long as I can remember. I don't necessarily suffer with dark circles, but the skin under my eyes is thin and my veins often show through if I'm lacking sleep. Retailing at under £5 it is hands down a bargain buy and well worth it at that too. The consistency is thick, creamy and very easy to blend. I apply in large triangles under my eyes and leave for a few moments for it to set. I find doing this gives it a heavier coverage and makes my under eye almost flawless. I use the shade 'cool medium 2' as I find it really brightens the area against my foundation without looking too pale. 

Benefit They're Real Tinted Primer - The perfect everyday primer/mascara. As you know I love my lash extensions, and when I have them on there is no better feeling than not having to put mascara on. However, when my lashes are bare, this is my go to product on a daily basis. For work during the week I'll wear it alone on my top and bottom lashes. The primer is brown so more subtle for everyday but creates such length my eyes don't look naked. For a more glam look, I'll coat a black mascara on top of this to add intensity and thickness (roller lash & they're real both work great). I am sadly running out but definitely need to make a repurchase of this gem. Once again benefit are killing it with their products.

Are there any products I've mentioned that you use religiously? Or more interestingly, that you haven't liked? Let me know you're holy grail items so I can give them a try..

Lots of love as always ♥ .. 
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