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Over bank holiday weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to blog at Gin Festival London held at Tobacco Docs. I am a huge gin fan so this invitation was welcomed very warmly. Nothing says summer like a gin & tonic in a pub garden with a few of your favourite people. I chose to attend the Sunday afternoon session (just in case a few too many were consumed I didn't have to head to work the following morning). As well as some drink tokens, I was gifted with a +1 for the event and decided to ask my lovely friend from uni, Hannah; as we always have such a fun time together. Hannah also writes a blog were she focuses on mental health and tips to surviving life's situations. You can find her over on Help with Hannah.

I'd never been to Tobacco Docs before this event, I'd obviously heard about it but just never had the opportunity to attend. The docs was such a perfect venue for an event like this to be held. There are numerous rooms as well as an outside doc area which is actually designed like the top deck of a boat. The many rooms allowed the event to be split into sections, you started in the brands room where you can walk round, speak to BA's for the brand and taste samples. The only gin I had heard of prior to the event was Pinkster, which I tasted (and loved!) but definitely found a new favourite with Masons Gin. 

The bars were opposite the 'tasting room' and split into 4 areas (A,B,C,D) with each bar having a different variety of brands. I was lucky enough to have drink tokens gifted to me, but the price was so reasonable, 4 drinks for £20 (cheaper than most London bars). The event was sponsored by Fever Tree Tonics which gave you a huge selection of tonics to chose with your gin.  Fever Tree had tonics I'd never even heard of before, which was great seeing as Hannah doesn't drink, there was a huge variety for her to chose from. Although an alcoholic event, it was great that they could accommodate for all preferences. All brands recommended the best tonic and garnish for their specific distill. I absolutely love grapefruit with my gin so I was over the moon some brands used that as their garnishes.

Throughout the sessions, brands were giving masterclass talks in which they were going into detail of the distilling process and history of their brands. We decided to attend the Masons masterclass as that was by far my favourite. Masons' are born and bread in a small village in Yorkshire, starting as an incredibly small company and at last years festival been given the enormous award of 'Best New Comer'. The thing that drew me to their gin the most was the tea edition. Masons were trying to think of something Yorkshire is famous for. Yes, gravy was the first thing that popped into my mind too, could you imagine gravy infused gin (vom!!). So the next biggest thing is a brew, nothing better than a cup of Yorkshire Tea - even better when you drink it up North too. And the rest is history, the gin is distilled with the tea leaves rather than them being added as an extract which gives the subtle after taste of black tea, I loved this! The only negative is at £40 a bottle I couldn't really justify it just yet but it's definitely one to try if you get the chance. 

As well as the obvious gin, the festival was also host to 3 food stalls and live entertainment. During our session there was a duo who unfortunately I cannot remember the name of but they were incredible and had everyone up and dancing. The environment as a whole was vibrant and fun, everyone seemed to be loving life and the chance to try so many different gins. Are you a fan of gin and what would your favourite mixer be? Have you ever attended an alcohol festival? Let me know..

Thank you so much to Laura and Gin Festival for inviting Hannah and Myself. We both had such a fun afternoon and will definitely be attending any future events in London.

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