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Hello my lovelies, I hope you're all enjoying the summer that has finally decided to make an appearance. A couple of weeks back I was invited for breakfast with Access all ASOS & Nude by Nature @ the Mae Deli in Marylebone. Before the event, I'd never heard of the brand Nude by Nature. The brand was born in 2008 & originates from Sydney, Australia. It is slowly making it's way world wide, with the help of ASOS who amazingly ship everywhere! If any of you had said to me before this event, you are going to fall in love with mineral makeup, I most probably would of laughed at you, then ran a mile. I am so happy to be writing this today, 100% converted with a new found love of mineral makeup.

So lets start of with a few facts about Nude by Nature that I learnt at the event. Firstly, and most importantly, they are 100% cruelty free and are completely against testing on animals of any kind. The product itself uses native Australian ingredients such as Lilly Pilly, Macadamia & Avocado oils, Shea butter & Kaolin clay. These ingredients promise to not only be completely natural, but actually be good for you. Clint, who calls Nude by Nature his baby, told us that in Australia, a product is sold every minute. To me that statement speaks for itself. 

At the event I was lucky enough to be gifted with their brand new contour & highlight collection including 2 of the brushes (such a lucky blogger!!). Lets talk about the packaging. As you all know I am a sucker for anything rose gold/copper/marble. So frankly, the packaging in my eyes could not be any better. The collection includes 1 x contour palette, 1 x highlighting palette, 3 x highlight sticks and 2 x brushes. The products are all of a very high quality and work great alone, but what impresses me so much, is how amazingly they work together to provide the perfect contour look. 

So, my opinion? From using these palettes for the last week or so, I am so happy to say I LOVE them. The contour palette has 3 shades, a very cool tone matte brown, perfect for hollowing out those cheek bones. A warmer, matte golden shade which I use to warm up my cheeks and forehead. And lastly a yellow/cream shade, also matte which I've been using to brighten up areas on my face without using a highlighter (for example, under my eyes, which I personally want bright but not glowing).

The highlight palette has the equivalent 3 shades, but in very pigmented highlighting powders. A bronze, rose (my favourite) and a champagne. I've been using the champagne (the lightest powder) under my brow bone and in my inner corner, the rose gold pretty much everywhere I want to glow as I just love the colour of it and the bronze just above my contour to warm my cheeks up. 

After swatching these at the event, I was definitely most excited about the highlight sticks. They come in the same 3 colours as the highlight palette and are a cream to powder consistency. They honestly blend so seamlessly into the skin and blend well with each other. I love applying these for more of a dewy glow on my cheek bones, nose and cupids bow. They are so easy to use, I'm definitely going to be keeping one in my handbag as a during the day touch up. Although I adore how these work alone, it's with the highlighting powder over the top that sends me to complete glowing heaven. For any fellow highlight lover, I promise you that you need one of these sticks in your life!

(Left to right - bronze, rose, champagne all from the highlight palette)

(Left to Right - contour, bronze & highlight)

Although I was so kindly gifted the products, as always all views are 100% honest and my own. I am so impressed with the makeup from Nude by Nature, I will definitely be purchasing some more (I have my eye on the liquid foundation). I also just want to say a huge thank you to the lovely girls at AAA for inviting me & to Nude by Nature. I had an amazing morning and now have some amazing new products which I love. If you are interest in purchasing anything from Nude by Nature, ASOS stock their full collection. You can find it all here (lots of it is on sale too so get it quick while you can). 

I hope you all enjoyed reading my first impression and review, I will be back with a new post very soon! Lots of love as always xxxxx
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