Cuppa Joe Coffee Scrub Review

Have you ever tried a product that completely blows your mind? I hadn't either until this Cuppa Joe gem made an appearance! So there are plenty of coffee scrubs on the market, but honestly with this one existing, you really don't need another. You may be sat reading this thinking 'why on earth would you want to rub coffee all over your body?' and trust me I used to think along the same lines, but stick around, read this review and I'm hoping I can change your mind.

Cuppa Joe comes packaged in a simple brown paper bag completely sealed so from the outside you can't even smell the scent. I was sent the St Clements flavour (not sure if you'd really call it a flavour?) which is the Arabica ground coffee mixed with the oils from lemons and oranges giving it an amazing citrus scent. This combination especially target cellulite and scarring. Please note all Cuppa Joe scrubs have traces of nuts so if you are an allergy sufferer please avoid this or test on a small area before use. The coffee itself is nothing like your instant you mix with boiling water, it's a lot finer and surprisingly soft considering how well it exfoliates. 

The smell is very strong but not overpowering and leaves your skin with a subtle citrus coffee smell (the fresh kind, not the old teachers' breath kind). Which for me is great as I LOOOOVE the smell of a freshly brewed cuppa, it's awakening! As you can see from the above photo the scrub is quite oily; all natural might I add, which does leave a residue on your skin making it feel hydrated and silky and not greasy.

So the benefits of getting your bathroom a bit dirty with this beauty? The scrubs are formulated to actively target dry skin, cellulite, stretch marks, scarring and eczema using the caffeine in the coffee. The caffeine also promotes blood flow and reduces inflammation. Cuppa Joe use the finest Arabica coffee and natural cold pressed oils making their scrubs 100% natural. 

So how to use it? For best results they recommend using 3-4 times a week, however I have used it once and I noticed a huge difference immediately. You simply jump in the shower, wet your body, turn the water off and get your scrub on. It took me a good 5 minutes or so to give my whole body a good exfoliate, and although the grains are fine it really does give you that tingle feeling when you scrub for long enough. As a true fake tan lover, this is seriously going to be my new best friend. It removed all my dry skin and left my body feeling so moisturised and soft. It's even gentle enough to use on my face.

All in all I have been so overwhelmed by how this product has made my skin feel, I've got everyone in my house trying it out! Cuppa Joe, you're truly heaven sent!

I hope you lovely people that made it this far have enjoyed my review and give this scrub a go! Speak soon ♥..

(Bikini - Triangl)
Although I was gifted the product, all views are 100% my own opinion
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