Urban Decay Through The Looking Glass

'We're all mad here - Alice in Wonderland'

Urban Decay Covent Garden, the pre-release event & masterclass.

(Wearing Mad Hatter Metallic Lipstick)

I was lucky enough to be invited along with a work colleague's daughter to this event, as we are both completely make up obsessed. It's crazy, Emily is 15 and her make up skills are amazing. When I was 15 I was probably wearing foundation 3 shades wrong and over plucking my brows. Oh how the generations change! Anyway, I was so grateful to be able to attend the pre-release event for the new Urban Decay Through the Looking Glass collection.

We were greeted with drinks and macaroons when arriving which was slightly late so we missed one of the demonstrations. However we still managed to catch one and the lovely make up artist also took us downstairs to the private masterclass to catch the end of that one; they had recreated the Mad Hatters look complete with the pink contour. After the demonstrations there was half an hour shopping time for us to pick up any bits we wanted from the new Alice collection. I picked up the palette (obviously) and 2 of the lipsticks. I went for 'Mad Hatter' which is a true metallic lilac and definitely out of my comfort zone but I loved it too much to leave it. I also picked up 'Mirana' which is a gorgeous deep berry colour, although a little out of season it will be perfect come autumn.

(Swatched L-R Salazen Grum, Royal Flush, Mirror and Kingdom)

So lets start with the packaging, as always Urban Decay well and truly delivered. The top section on the palette opens out with a 3D butterfly and a mirror with my all time favourite quote 'We're all mad here'. The eye  shadows are located in a pull out drawer below which is great as you can completely remove it and use the mirror separately which makes it so much easier when applying. I love that brands are all starting to engrave their logo into the lipstick, I think it makes them look so elegant!

The eye shadows are grouped by characters in the film and the idea is to follow that column and recreate the looks from the film. The first column is 'ALICE' and includes looking glass, reflection, dormouse and metamorphosis. Alice look is quite neutral with the pop of colour which you could definitely change with the other brights in the palette. The make-up artist recommended lining the underneath of your water line with the bold colour to slowly incorporate colours to the look.

The second column is 'MAD HATTER' and there couldn't be a more perfect name for the collecion of these colours and for those brave enough to wear them together they do look, well mad. This includes hatter, gone mad, paradox and cake. The names of the colours are all very fitting for the character which really show the attention to detail Urban Decay have gone to in creating this palette. So far paradox is the only colour I've dared at the moment.

Third is 'MIRANA' also known as the White Queen. This is my favourite look from all the characters, soft, glowing and very neutral which a hint of sparkle. These include lily, duchess, kingdom and chessboard. Chessboard is my favourite colour from the whole palette as its so versatile. I have worn it alone all over the lid but can also be defined into the crease and lower lash line.

Fourth is 'IRACEBETH' which I'm not entirely sure how to say, however is the Red Queen (boo!). The colours for this look are heads will roll, bandersnatch, salazen grum and royal flush. Which are all a bit of a mouthful! I haven't tried the top 2 yet but bandersnatch is another favourite as it is so unlike any other colour I own. Its sort of a shimmery rust colour which I absolutely love as it really warms up any look.

Last but not least is 'TIME' who is a new character and from the trailer 'is not someone you want as your enemy'. These includes time, dream on, chronosphere and mirror. These colours are quite dark and definitely more for an intense looks. However dream on is very very subtle silver glitter which is probably the only colour payoff I'm disappointed with. It's such a nice colour in the pan but doesn't show anything like that on the skin and even with a setting spray it looks very washed out.

The palette retails at £43 and the lipsticks at £16 each. Unfortunately the whole collection has sold out and I am unaware they will be restocking as it is a limited edition collection. However, if you do get the chance you absolutely must get the palette as it really is magical and definitely a keepers piece. The new 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' film is released on the 27th of May and I will 100% be going to watch it. You can see the official trailer for it here. I absolutely love that they've used the same actors and actresses as the previous film. Amazing work once again from Tim Burton.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and let me know if you managed to get anything? Lots of love as always ♥..

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