5 Days in Dubai

Hello lovelies, as most of you will have noticed from my social media, myself and Chris jetted off to Dubai for a very last minute holiday. We had such a lovely time and I thought I'd share what we got up to. I was lucky enough to live in the UAE for a couple of years and was so excited to show Chris around my favourite place in the world. I only had the 5 days off work so it really was a flying visit, but I''m sure we will both be going back soon.

Dubai Mall & Aquarium
Myself and Chris are both fascinated with the sea and love all types of fish. Dubai mall is home to an amazing aquarium that is an absolute must see. They offer interactions such a cage diving and feeding the sharks, but even without going into the aquarium you can see so much from the outside. And it's the perfect place for a photo op!

The Dancing Fountains & At The Top Burj Khalifa
The fountains amaze me every time I see them, they're every half an hour and dance to a different song each time. There's a row of restaurants along to the side of the mall where you can see them from (We ate at PF Changs, an Asian restaurant which is amazing. We recommend the dynamite shrimp) however it is definitely worth going up on the bridge to see them close!

Even though I've visited Dubai on holiday a few times I've never been up the Burj so this was a first for both of us. Unfortunately, it was slightly cloudy the day we went so the visability wasn't great. None the less, it is mesmerizing to be able to see all of Dubai from that height. It's also interesting to see the history of how the worlds tallest building was created and to find out the CEO was a woman (GIRL POWER).

Atlantis & Kite Beach
The Atlantis hotel is beyond amazing and if our holiday budget was a little bigger we definitely would of opted to stay here as you get access to the water park included. As much as I wish I was an adrenaline junkie, I'm sadly terrified of heights which left Chris to do a couple of the rides on his own (sorry, not sorry!). None the less we had such a fun day, especially on 'The Shark Tank' which is ride that actually goes through the aquarium which is our idea of heaven. We were lucky enough to be standing at the aquarium whilst the rays and sharks were being fed so we got to witness this first hand and the lady kindly enough let Chris join in. They offer interactions here too such as ray feeding, shark diving and dolphin experiences.

Kite Beach is probably the most famous beach in Dubai as it has the legendary Burj in the background which is something you definitely want a photo with. (If you didn't get one did you even go to Dubai?!) Also about a mile up the beach are some wooden stumps which you can walk out to sea on. Unfortunately, there was some building work going on at the time which was slightly disappointing but its' still a definite must if your a beach bum.

Desert Safari
This was by far our favourite part of the holiday! I've been dune bashing a few times before but the company 'Desert Gate' were beyond any other and provided such an amazing experience. The driver picked us up from the hotel and we drove for about 40 minutes towards Al Ain into the desert. They then pull over, deflate their tyres and tell you to buckle up. The only way to explain dune bashing is like a simulator of being thrown around a car whilst revving up sand dunes and skidding down the other side (I did let out a few screams, oops). It is one of the funniest experiences we've had together and I'm so glad we went with this company.

The cars then all drive to the camp which is in the middle of the desert. Here you get a traditional Arabic meal where you all sit on cushions around a stage. Unlike any other desert safari, inside the camp they have henna tattooing, shisha, a bar serving alcohol and the option to get dressed up in local attire. They also provide entertainment of camel riding, local and belly dancing, stargazing and sand boarding.

Friday Brunch 
So I know the UK tried to adopt the idea of 'boozy brunches' but they are seriously lacking compared to what the UAE has to offer. If your in to all you can eat, all you can drink and partying; brunch is a must for you! Depending on your budget and requirements there is a brunch to suit everyone. I've previously done Yalumba @ Le Meridian which is more sophisticated. This brunch is about the finer foods and drinks. They call it a bubbly brunch which is probably down to the Bolinger champagne flowing throughout the afternoon - you can never finish a glass before they top it up!

However, this time as Chris has friends in Dubai (hi Ben if your reading!) we went to one a bit more sociable and more of a party. But lets face it, you go to brunch to get absolutely trollied and that's exactly what Warehouse, also @ Le Meridian is about. They even clear the tables later on to create a dance floor. You pay a set price and literally drink as much as you can until a certain time, but even after that the drinks are discounted. We both ended up pretty worse for wear (more Chris than me haha) and were in bed by 10pm! Fear not though, if you can hack it and don't have a flight the following morning, the party always continues to other clubs.

If you've not visited Dubai before I hope this post forces you onto expedia searching for deals! I'm so glad we chose Dubai as our first holiday together, we honestly had the best time and I'm definitely suffering with holiday blues!

Hope you enjoyed something a little different, lots of love ♥
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