Budget Beauty Brushes - A Must Have

Anyone else get to the stage where their brushes are so dirty they're beyond cleaning? No, just me? I honestly think washing brushes is the ultimate bane of life. However, I am definitely keeping these ones clean. I, as much as any girl wants the whole Zoeva Rose Gold collection, but sadly I don't have that sort of money to throw at brushes  (YET haha). After a long search and debate with myself I decided to purchase these U-Spicy brushes from Amazon. At only £12.99 for 10 brushes I thought if they were poor quality I am not massively out of pocket.

They offered Prime delivery and arrived the following day. My first impression of the brushes was they were pretty looking and average quality, but when I started using them I was so pleasantly surprised. Apart from the synthetic kind of smell when you first unwrap them the brushes are incredible. The information pack does advise you to wash before your first use. In total there are 5 large face brushes and 5 smaller brushes in the same style. 

So I've now been using these brushes for about a month as I wanted to give an honest review before publishing this. I am absolutely loving the face brushes, there is one for everything I could need. The eye brushes are also amazing but I find them slightly big for my eyes and have been using them for adding glitter after my eyeshadow and highlighting as such. Overall, these brushes are 110% worth purchasing, and for such an amazing price the quality is pretty good! (My sister even went and bought them).

As a makeup/beauty junkie I love testing new products so let me know if your aware of any other budget brushes that I need to try..

Thanks for reading as always, lots of love ♥

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