Lash Lift

Long time, no see! It almost feels odd that I'm sat down with my laptop writing again. It's been a good 3 months since my last post and if I'm honest I don't have an exact reason why. I guess it's just down to working full time and enjoying my time off resting and seeing friends and family. But I've missed it and I'm so excited that I've got the motivation to start posting regularly again, just need to rope someone in to take some photos for me!

This post is all about a lash treatment that I've been getting recently and I don't know how I ever coped without it before. It's basically a perming process which is brilliant for me as I've got quite long eyelashes but they are just dead straight.

All in all, the treatment takes about an hour and is actually quite relaxing. The eyelashes are moulded, permed and tinted. The curl lasts between 4-6 weeks depending on the person. I've left mine for 6 weeks and by this point my lashes had completely dropped (before photo). Below are some before and after photos.  The after photo's were taken the following morning as it's recommended not to put makeup on or allow the lashes to get wet for 24 hours as the perming process continues. FYI, I am truly sorry for the state of my brows, I'm in the awkward 'trying to grow them' phase (I'm not lucky enough to have brows like Hailey's, sad face!)

Before Lash Lift

After, with no mascara

After, with mascara

As you can see there is such a HUGE difference in my lashes. If you are local to Hertfordshire, I couldn't recommend my therapist more. You can find her @polishedbylisa on instagram and by searching 'Polished' on facebook. Also, a huge thank you to Hailey for allowing me to take photos of her treatment (it's a bit hard to take them of yourself haha!). Please let me know if you decide to have the treatment done, it's honestly well worth it!

Thanks for reading!
♥ Andrea
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